4 Winter Styles for Every Budget
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4 Winter Styles for Every Budget

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Keeping your wardrobe fresh and on-trend is a task that can easily fall to the back of your mind. It takes work and effort to go through your collection of clothes and find pieces that can be styled to match the latest trends, especially when you feel uninspired by what you see in front of you when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Although it can be tempting to replace all the clothes you feel are drab, if you’re on a budget, you probably won’t be running out and buying a whole new wardrobe each season. Doing so is unrealistic and not in most people’s budgets, no matter how the fashion industry tries to play it up in magazines. It is refreshing, however, to shop for a couple of pieces each season to give your wardrobe a little energy, and to keep you feeling like you’re fashionable, trendy, and on the pulse. 

No matter what budget you’re working with, there is a piece out there for you to help keep your wardrobe updated and chic. Here are four styles that you can get on board with this winter that won’t break the bank.

1. Chunky oversized sweaters

The classic chunky, boxy sweaters are back in vogue this winter. While some trends are all about showing off a specific silhouette (I’m talking about you, shoulder pads) the oversized sweater is more about comfort and cosiness. Every fashionable brand will have their own version of a big knit sweater, so whether you’re working with a shoestring budget or able to go the high quality, high fashion route, you’ll be able to find something to suit your style.

Chunky sweaters are also a pretty versatile piece. Depending on the sweater, you can dress it up with a skirt, boots, and classy jewellery, or dress it down with a beanie and a pair of ripped skinny jeans. No matter what, it will keep you warm and toasty all season long.

2. Puffer jackets

You’re in luck if you want a fashionable way to stay warm this winter, because puffer coats are back in style this year. The puffy sleeve trend on the runways has extended to outerwear, and the faux fur trend has followed suit, with more puffer coats with hoods lined with faux fur. Streetwear brand JACK1T is a great example of a brand that’s taken both into consideration, but if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, fast fashion brands will surely be stocking these trendy coats. 

3. Skinny jeans

A wardrobe staple, skinny jeansare a favourite for winter. They can be dressed up or down, they pair well for cosy and comfortable outfits just as well as they do with elegant and fashionable outfits, and they come in every colour, style, and price point. How can you go wrong? Plus, they’re the easiest style of jeans to wear with winter boots since they hug your legs so snugly. 

4. Knee-high boots

Knee-high or thigh-high boots are not only fashionable, but they help keep your legs toasty warm when the temperature drops. You can wear them over skinny jeans, or pair them with tights or thigh-high socks and a skirt for a more evening-wear look. Either way, your legs will be protected from the elements and you’ll look great too.

Tall boots can set you back quite a bit in the budget department depending where you shop, but there are some wallet-friendly styles out there if you know where to look. A good time to shop for tall boots is just after the season ends, when most stores are trying to clear out the last season’s clothing. You may not be able to get much wear into them this season, but you’ll be ready for next year and your wallet will thank you.

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