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Claudia Villanueva

Make your day look seriously chic and effortless with an injection of bang-on-trend street style. You know those days – the ones where you roll out of bed (after hitting the snooze button too many times), stumble over to your wardrobe, and have no idea what to wear? Well this is where the pain white T-shirt comes into it. Go for a more playful look when wearing a plain tee by adding cute accessories and chunky colour block brogues.

May 2015

 trendencies interview stylekick

Trendencies for Stylekick Interview «Bloggers you need to know»  (here) / Entrevista de Trendencies para Stylekick «Bloggers you need to know» (aquí

March 2016

trendencies telva

tendencies shopping by telva

claudia villanueva trendencies

Trendencies for Telva Interview «Shopping by Telva» (here) / Entrevista de Trendencies para Telva como blogger del «Shopping by Telva» (aquí

June 2016

desigual magazine

maleta de verano

desigual trendencies

Desigual Magazine «Desigual en tu maleta» (here)

July 2016

Status Magazine «How to Rock the Metal Threads» (here)

December 2016

Perspective Magazine «Less is more always works – A chat with Claudia Villanueva» (here)

December 2016

Yood Magazine «Nueva Promesa: Trendencies» (here)

June 2017

About Models: «Conociendo un poco más a Claudia Villanueva de Trendencies» (here)

July 2018


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